Birkan Tore drar kort

2017-06-04 16:59 #0 av: [NeferNefer]

Varje dag drar Birkan Tore ett kort som han lägger ut på sin hemsida. Kortet för idag tyckte jag passar sällsynt bra här på D&S ...

Card of the day for Sunday the 4th of June:
I know that many of you feel like an alien on your own planet, wondering if it this is really your home. Often disturbed and confused by especially the fear-based habits and actions of humanity and all this violence... Maybe you look up and feel like your true home is somewhere up there. Maybe it was in another lifetime, but for this particular incarnation, Earth is your home. It's important for you to ground your energy regularly and connect with true and magnificent energy of this beautiful blue giant. You came here to help and heal, but also to observe and learn. Today, and every day, teach by example. The more you help others (in every way you can), the better it will feel to be here. There's no reason for you not to stay connected with the stars though! 
(Lightworker Oracle)

"All tid måste förflyta i sin egen takt. Ibland dricker man kaffe. Ibland dricker man kaffe inte." (Mikael Niemi)

2017-06-05 00:33 #1 av: Tarotstollan


Igår gjorde jag ingenting och blev inte klar, så jag fortsätter idag!

2017-06-05 05:20 #2 av: [Vandrar med Wolf]

Tummen upp Kanon Tummen upp

2017-06-18 04:55 #3 av: [NeferNefer]

Dagens kort från Birkan tycker jag speglar vårt gemensamma växande och lärande här på Druid och Shaman. Håller ni inte med? Förlägen

Card of the day for Sunday the 18th of June:
Looking back and thinking about what should or could have happened can't change a thing right now. What matters the most is what you've learned from the experience. You are growing and evolving faster than you realize. Instead of focusing on your past actions, focus on where you are and who you are today. Enjoy your new perspective in life. You might even notice new talents and abilities, or a new level of confidence in the areas you've previously doubted yourself.💖
(Birkan's Deck of Intuitive Answers)

"All tid måste förflyta i sin egen takt. Ibland dricker man kaffe. Ibland dricker man kaffe inte." (Mikael Niemi)


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